Spring 2021

Nic Fiddian Green - A Walk in the Hills

For the first time and not before time England’s leading landscape sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green takes his horses to the landscape.

Nestled in the valley where Nic has made his home for the last 27 years you can walk around a selection of his sculptures both old and new beatifully placed in the landscape that has inspired so much of his work.

February 2019

Southwark Cathedral

It's a 10ft high monumental construction in lead.

Will stand in the main aisle in the centre knave of Southwark Cathedral as a focus for the congregation to sit around in silence, contemplation and prayer as a symbol of remembrance of the 2017 Southwark bridge bombing terrorist attack.

Autumn 2019

Monumental Landscapes

The photographs in this book show the monumental works placed on the hills in and around Nic’s studio. This is not a sculpture park or Wow Factor exercise; nor is it an arrangement of views in the 18th century Picturesque manner. It’s about creating, in less than obvious ways, a series of “found” relationships between the sculptures in a charming landscape that one could almost imagine in one of the watercolour vistas that Jack Merriot painted for mid-20th century railway posters.

Summer 2019


Masterpiece, London 27 June – 3 July, the stand will be totally blackened out and just his pieces in beaten gold, jade and lapis lazuli, illuminated and beautiful


Watch Nic at work in the studio.

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